I thought I better start documenting my symptoms as I go. I have purposely distracted myself this time round with attending a hen do immediately after the transfer, a May Day Fayre on Monday and a Thai cooking course today! I’m 5 days past 5 day transfer or 5dp5dt and I’ve barely noticed. This time I did not relax, I didn’t eat any of the things I usually strictly would (like pineapple and avocado etc), haven’t stuck to any rules like keeping my feet warm or anything. 4th cycle means relaxed cycle I think!

Symptom wise I haven’t had much at all. I had a few niggling pains in my lower left abdomen on a off when travelling to the hen do, had a headache for the last two days, and started needing to pee I the early hours again as I had before. I’m really tired in the afternoon too. But apart from that, nothing! No sore boobs at all!

I have promised not to test until Friday (8dp5dt) so let’s see what happens….

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