5 weeks and 1 day…

I have hit lots of my own milestones this week- official test day, hitting 3+ on the clear blue digitals and finally getting some symptoms. It doesn’t stop me worrying massively still.

Just quickly – how amazing was the royal wedding yesterday? Loved it!!

I managed to get the 3+ on clear blue yesterday and have decided to stop testing. I’m not sure what it will achieve now and what will be will be. I have also booked my first 7 week scan for 4th June. Another 2ww…


– cold symptoms since yesterday

– still lots of back ache and feeling loose

– af and sharp little pains

– so spotty- my face is horrendous!

– boobs started hurting yesterday

– tired!

– hungry but not massively sure what to eat

I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate and don’t want to be a big fat prego so have decided to really look after myself and improve my diet. More fruit and veg and less chocolate!!

I have been loving finding new non alcohol beer too. I feel like I’ve gotten pregnant when a lot of companies have decided to start making great non alcoholic beers! It makes you feel like you’re not missing out.

I’m still so worried and scared. I really hope this one sticks around. I need to get to that first scan!

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