7 weeks 3 days…

I haven’t written for ages so thought it was about time I did! I hope to use this blog as a diary of sorts in future, so really need to keep it updated!

So we are officially actually pregnant.  Like with an actual baby and everything! I’m still extremely nervous and always thinking the worst as I seem to only surround myself with terrible stories.

We had our scan last Thursday at 6 weeks 5 days.  It was brought forward slightly as I experienced a lot of period type pains in my first few weeks and started to really worry.  Then, the night before the new scan time, I started to spot brown blood so of course completely freaked out and thought that was the end.  I called my parents (who are medical) and they also jumped to the worst conclusion too!  So I had a very scary negative night before the scan I must say!

The day of the scan I was SO scared.  I don’t think I have ever felt more nervous.  I think I was more nervous than when I fly! I just thought we would get there and the pregnancy either would be ectopic, too small, no heartbeat or a figment of my imagination!  But it was none of those!! It was perfect – measuring correctly, heartbeat really obvious and in the right place.  The nurse who did the ultrasound was actually who did the transfer and she was so happy with the result!  She actually seemed a little emotional.  If this pregnancy continues and we get a healthy baby at the end, she will certainly be getting a present!

We have now graduated from the clinic and under NHS care.  I have a midwife appointment next week on 11th June and the next scan will be at 12 weeks.  I am going away for the weekend on 22nd June when I will be 10 weeks, and ideally want to have a scan before I go, so am going to pay for a private scan to make sure everything is ok.

Symptoms wise, I have had quite a lot of nausea since the scan particularly but can ward it off a little with food I’ve found.  I have the biggest food aversions and things I might have liked last week I now can’t even think about without feeling really sick! It’s quite annoying as I don’t know what to eat each night for dinner and can only gauge it by thinking of different food and if I feel like I want to throw up.  I’m also absolutely knackered and really finding it hard to have any energy at work.  Also, my stomach doesn’t seem to be able to go flat(ish) any longer.  I don’t think I have a bump as the baby is the size of a blueberry, but think the uterus is maybe pushing out a little more.  Basically I can’t hide my layer of fat on my stomach any more!  Oh yeh, my boobs hurt.  Not really badly – they’ve definitely hurt more before my period but they are there for sure.  Also, they are much bigger and veiny but I don’t feel I need to buy a new bra yet.

I have had a lot of sharp pain today that have made me worry but hoping it’s just the stretching and growing going on in there.  I have also had quiet a lot of dizziness and feeling feint.  It’s all such a magical time! To be honest, I’ll take anything to make sure it’s healthy and gets here ok 🙂

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