The 4th Round…

I am well into the 4th round now and thought it only right to update you on what the plan is.

After our 3rd failed cycle, which ended in early miscarriage at 5 weeks, our very chilled out clinic didn’t really give many answers, until we asked to see a doctor to discuss things.  I was keen on just getting on with the next round immediately and transferring one of our frozen embryos in a natural cycle as we had done before.  A natural cycle means not being medicated at all, you track your ovulation and have the transfer 5 days later.  Although I was really sad about the previous one not working, when I was told I could just crack on with the next one immediately, it made the whole thing feel just a little bit better…but not for long.

So this clinic, who are so chilled out they’re almost horizontal, decided to whip into action.  Someone somewhere decided to have a look at our records and actually think there might be something to investigate here – who would have thought! Even though I’d asked for all of these investigations and other procedures to be investigated after round two, it was dismissed very quickly.  I was called up by a different nurse (don’t get my talking about the lack of consistency at our clinic too!) who said, actually the doctor has had a look at your history and records, and has suggested you have an endometrial scratch, a blood test to see if you have a clotting disorder and then go onto a natural frozen transfer cycle (FET).  I was naturally upset that these investigations would mean it would be pushed to another cycle but I do understand that investigations now need to be done.  It isn’t working otherwise!

However, we weren’t offered an appointment or even talked through the next steps which we thought was very disappointing.  I then had to call up to book in the scratch, which needs to be on a specific day, and they didn’t bother to call me to book in – all very odd! Especially when I was still feeling very emotional and actually made me cry every time I spoke to the clinic!  Anyway, I asked for an appointment with the doctor, and we were given one for the next week with the nice new doctor 🙂

He was the most proactive, well read, thoughtful doctor we have had who actually came up with a very good plan next.  It was like he gave more than 5 minutes to think about it!  It’s not like we’re paying huge amount for this treatment (we had our one free IVF treatment on the NHS so we’re into full payment).  I had also spoken to a friend’s sister who is Head Embryologist at a very good London clinic who gave me some advice as I was feeling particularly disillusioned with everything and just needed someone to corroborate some of my (extensive) research.

So the plan he came up with was:

  • Medicated FET – I’ve never been down-regged before and had always tried to avoid it, but I’m now at the stage where I just need to let the doctors take over a bit!
  • Endometrial Scratch – I’ve spoken about that in my previous blog!
  • Blood tests for clotting and immunological issues which can be treated from just before transfer if needed.
  • Put two embryos back in.

We also discussed the natural killer cells investigations – he felt that we didn’t need to do that at this stage so have decided not to do that, although I am feeling like I might ask whether I can just be treated for it anyway.  Not sure whether he’ll do that, but I am feeling at a bit of a loss at the moment, and want to do anything to make a pregnancy work.

I started the down regging with HRT last Sunday (8th April) and am now waiting for my period.  I will then call the clinic and I think they will do a baseline scan.  I then start the estrogen from the first Sunday after my period starts (which I think will be this Sunday).  They will scan me 12 days after starting the estrogen and then see whether I will be ready with another scan for transfer.  I think the transfer will either be 3rd May or 10th May at the moment.

So there we go.  Down regging is fine by the way, the injections are easier than others I’ve done and managed to get them done really quickly in the morning before work which is good – or maybe I’m just a bit of a pro now 4th cycle in!  But I haven’t gone ‘mad’ yet as all my IVF friends have told me they did! To be honest, I forget most of the time that I’m actually doing IVF.  This is a new type of normal I guess…